About Us

Mission – Vision – Values

Christian women of diverse backgrounds, created in God’s image, advocating unity and racial equality.

As women of diverse backgrounds desiring racial harmony, God has called us to be in community (unity with) one another.  Our common ground is our Christian faith that reminds us that we are all created in God’s image.  We seek inspiration and guidance from Scripture and our individual faith experiences.  Our purpose is to foster understanding and develop relationships through ongoing workshops, events and activities as we are called by God. When we come together in Jesus name, we come together in love.

We value:

  • Scripture as the inspired word of God
  • Building relationships
  • Embracing differences
  • Challenging misinformation and stereo-types
  • Advocating change through open and non-judgmental discussion
  • Advocating equality and justice
  • Advocating peace


Kathleen Martin, Myra Coffman, Lynn Hitner, Karen Kayser, Tia Adkins, Rev. Martie Metzler, Jennifer March, Lisa Miller, Bethany Spaulding, Joan Scates